Should men be allowed to marry men and women to marry women?

Many homosexual women and men as well as liberal forces demand the definitive equality of same-sex couples, so that they can officially marry. But there is also resistance to this – especially from religious circles. The discussion in the programWhy should a woman be able to marry a man but not a woman? This restriction applies in our law, marriage is defined as the community of man and woman. Quite different in almost 30 countries around the world that allow marriages between men and women.

Should homosexual couples also be allowed to marry in Switzerland?

With a parliamentary initiative, the green liberals want to introduce “marriage for all” in Switzerland as well. Marriage should be “open to couples regardless of their gender or sexual orientation”. This is what it says in the initiative text. So far, same-sex couples have been able to use the “registered partnership”. But this is legally less comprehensive.

The green liberals justify their approach by stating that such discrimination is incompatible with a liberal image of society and a modern constitutional state. The initiative is pending in parliament; the two preliminary advisory commissions in the National Council and Council of States have approved it.

Resistance to “marriage for all”

Above all, religious circles – such as conservative Christians – oppose “marriage for all”. They refer to the Bible, which only speaks of a life community between man and woman. The critics are further annoyed by the fact that same-sex marriage is consequently also associated with a right to adoption.

Next week, “Marriage for All” will also be a topic for the Evangelical Reformed Church in Switzerland: The church parliament will comment on the “Marriage for All” initiative on Tuesday.

These guests discuss in the program «Forum»

  • Priscilla Schwendimann , deputy Reformed pastor in the Grünau district in Zurich-Altstetten. Schwendimann lives in a registered partnership with a woman. She wants to have the same rights as straight couples.
  • Hans Egli , President of the Federal Democratic Union of the Canton of Zurich. The EDU canton president defends himself against “marriage for all” because he wants to protect traditional marriage.

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