How to change text in WhatsApp Stores

How to change text in WhatsApp Stores

You recently learned this from WhatsApp , your favorite messaging app, has introduced the ability to create stories, like Instagram and Facebook . In this sense, after trying to take advantage of this function independently, you realized that you have doubts about its proper use, because you have also seen the stories of some friends. , Or “states” of friends who use the style. Very special and you don’t know how to do it.

Then you would like to know? How to edit text in WhatsApp Stores , to always publish content, and you are looking for a guide that explains how to do it. Well, you got it! In the next few lines, in fact, I’ll explain to you how to customize your status in the WhatsApp to publish “stories” with real writing style, in both Android and ioS : Assure that these are really easy operations to perform, you don’t have to worry.

Also, if you can’t wait to find out more about it right now, take a few minutes of free time and relax. Take your mobile phone  Android or your phone in hand (at this time, it is not possible to continue with PC) and carefully follow the instructions that I am going to give you, so that you can succeed in this endeavor. Maybe what you suggested. At the moment, all I have to do is read and wish you a good time.

  • Change text from Android to WhatsApp status
  • Convert text from iOS to WhatsApp status

Change text from Android to WhatsApp status

If you intend to change the text in WhatsApp Stores to work from mobile phone to Android , first you should know that WhatsApp is calling the date Estado and this can be done through the anonymous part of the application.

That said, to get one , launch the official service application in the Estado WhatsApp, first by pressing the icon on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your mobile phone. Then click on the menu item Estado (in the top bar), to access the section dedicated to the publication of text and multimedia «stories of.

Now, to publish a new text content, press the pencil icon located at the bottom right and, on the next screen, enter the text of the message you want to publish in your country. At this point, to change the font, repeatedly press the symbol T , so you can find something you like more. To change the color of the text, press the palette icon . When the changes are complete, press the Publish Estado icon. The aircraft is located in the lower right.

If you want to publish multimedia content, go back to the section Estado then press the camera icon (instead of the pencil icon ) and select the image or post the video from your device gallery, or tap to create the content on the spot to circle icon which is at the bottom.

After selecting the media item, press the Insert text overlay icon at the top right. To change the style of text, in this case also, repeatedly, press the T icon . If, on the contrary, you want to change your color, select one of them. Color bar OK To move text, drag from one part of the screen to another. To make it bigger or smaller, open and close your thumb.

Alternatively, by first pressing the pencil icon , you can write a freehand text by tracing it on the screen, as if you were writing on a sheet of paper. Are you satisfied with the results? If so, the post Estado is located at the bottom of the areoplanin icon , touching OK .

Continuing the title of personalized writing, you should also know that using WhatsApp allows you to format the text of messages obliquely , bold es emphasized . If you’re interested in using this feature, check out my dedicated guide on this topic.

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